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Which Solar Panel Size
is Right for Me?

Choosing the right size panel might seem daunting at first, at Outbaxcamping we love camping and can share our experience with you to make this seemingly daunting task a breeze.

Outbaxcamping Right Size

First let us share a few insights into solar panels:

The ideal set up for the folding panels is to connect the panels to a 12v battery, then connect all your appliances to the 12v battery

If your appliances are 240v, you can simply connect an inverter to conver your batteries 12v to 240v

Your total Amp hour is good to know, if you take the time to calculate each appliances draw you will know the total Amp hour (Ah) draw of your system

Consider the space you have available (in your Caravan, 4WD, boat etc) vs size of the panel

A very popular set up is to get a smaller solar panel + a small camping generator as a backup.

You get most amount of power for around 6 hours a day

You get less output in cloudy days

You do not get the total specification power output from any solar panel, there are many factors to consider including the UV index of the sun at the time of the day (and time of year) + your wiring, regulator, etc

We have found that a lot of customers under-estimate their requirements and later add panels into their system. This is okay, since more panels can be added to the same system very easily.

A deep-cycle battery is highly recommended for camping, it allows you to use more stored power without damaging the battery.

Folding solar panels sold by us are plug-and-play -> you really don't need anything more to charge your battery

 Charge PhonesRun Lights50L Portable
Fridge Freezer
80L Portable
Fridge Freezer
Lights, 50L Fridge,
Charge Phones and
no Air
Caravan + AC
100 watts              
120 watts              
140 watts              
160 watts              
180 watts              
200 watts              
240 watts             + generator backup
250 watts             + generator backup

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