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Why Solar?

Oubaxcamping Great Solar Panels

Solar Panels are the best accessory when camping outdoors or spending time away in your 4WD. As Solar Panels became more portable and easy to setup, it meant that running those few appliances you really need away from home is now so easy. The sun will charge the high quality Pure Monocrystalline Cells, so all you need to do is back up that energy to a battery via a Solar regulator, and use that saved energy to power up your camping supplies day or night along with your home comforts and luxuries.


We stock Folding and Straight Panels and using the latest technology, these panels can charge your normal small appliances along with the more sensitive to power devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. How long they’ll run depends on how many amps your load consumes per hour and how large your battery bank setup is.

Solar Energy is about being self-sufficient drawing on natural sunlight which when converted into DC electricity can charge a battery or run appliances via a Solar regulator, it’s really the only way to go! Another bonus is the money that you will save!


We are one of the most trusted sellers of Solar Panels in today’s market, as our panels are manufactured with highest quality technology, being tough, sturdy and ready to go from the box!
We stand by the wattage and expected output of our panels so you can start enjoying Solar with complete peace of mind, like we do! 




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